How mitochondria, inflammation + planetary health intersect • CogX Festival '23


What can tech + AI do for longevity, ageing and the health crisis? • CogX Festival '23


Is Lactobacillus iners protecting or disrupting my vaginal microbiome? • Evvy


HIV falsehoods use 80s hysteria to vilify LGBT groups, black women + drug users • i


Could probiotics be the future of vaginal health? • Juno Bio 


Abortion access in Northern Ireland remains scant, despite rising rates of women opting for them across the UK • i


‘I had to be my own advocate’: The women in their 30s facing decades on HRT because of early menopause • i


Abstinence-based sex ed will leave young women vulnerable • The Femedic


Black women, BV + thrush: Why are they disproportionately affected? • Daye


Estrogen: When it's high, or low + how it shifts throughout your life • ro


Should I take boric acid for bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections? • Evvy


Depression and brain fog: When basic tasks seem impossible • The Femedic


Lube can alter vaginal pH. Here's what to look out for on the label • The Femedic


Aesthetics doctors warn ‘temporary’ fillers can cause long-lasting changes to the face • i


Feeling suicidal or depressed while pregnant isn’t the anomaly you think it is • Daye


Tampon fibre shedding is common, but is it safe? • The Femedic


We need to talk about IUDs and copper toxicity • The Femedic


Abortion access in Northern Ireland is a human right, not a bargaining chip • The Femedic


I'm taking antibiotics, could this affect my period? • The Femedic


Can stress disrupt hormone function? • The Femedic


Women in the US could die because of the heartbeat abortion bill • The Femedic


I live with chronic UTIs because I can't access public toilets in my wheelchair • The Femedic


Black women's access to HIV testing is a public health issue • The Femedic


What is prostate milking (+ does it hurt)? • Giddy


It's harder for women of colour to access mental health care. Here's why • The Femedic


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