consults on stuff.

i'm a freelance health, lifestyle + culture journalist (london-based, so screaming, crying, throwing up) with a focus on trends, the cost of living, consumer behaviour, reproductive health + healthcare barriers.
i'm interested in building shoppable content for platforms, focused on sustainable, indie products. plus helping femcare + femtech brands with tone + messaging. incl. medical accuracy, that's inclusive.
big on neurodiversity friendly user experiences, with consultancy, analysis + strategy, i spot gaps in brand approaches + accessibility. an untapped market, neurodivergents are often more likely to buy, or need a product (or service), than others. but forgotten by product teams, who create frustrating ux 🙃
when i'm not tweeting jessica lange reactions from american horror story, i might have also covered pop culture and entertainment news for bustle uk. and lifestyle, health, and money features for the i, across print and digital. plus shopping verticals for the strategist uk (part of new york magazine). formerly deputy editor at the femedic, covering reproductive, sexual + mental health..
i'm a talking encyclopedia on birth control, stimulants, candida + flora, too. and part of the abortion talk hotline advisory group. for talks on sex, repro health/rights 🍆 or adhd, stigma + access 🧠 ..email me.
*estrobolome is my favourite word: it's the group of bacteria in your gut that metabolise oestogen. i'd be open to commissions and getting involved with stuff across all these themes... so "would just be good to connect" (kendall roy voice) if you think we'd be a good fit.

r x

fyi, save your 'lack of budget' sob stories:
my pasta subscription won't pay for itself 🍝

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